Spice oil is a spice derivative that is extracted usually by steam distillation process. First the spice oil is distilled off from the spices during the initial stage. Later the spice is subject to solvent extraction. It is the Spice oil which provides aroma and flavor to the spices and these oils are volatile in nature.

The major advantage with spice oil is standardization, consistency and hygiene. The standard of quality expected in spice oil will differ depending on its end uses. Hence spice oils are custom-made to meet the exact requirement of the user.

India is one of the top most producers of spice oils and contributes to around 70% of the total spice oil production. Countries including USA, EU, Japan and other Middle Eastern countries are major importers of spice oil. The exports of Indian spice oils have been rising significantly in the last few years owing to a sharp rise of demand in the fast food sector.

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